Assessment Standards

The Tilian Partnership and the schools it works closely with (Bacton, St Botolphs, Freemans, Cedar Park, Scole, Willows) have developed their own assessment standards to link to the new primary curriculum. These standards are based on the requirements for specific year groups (although certain pupils may be working on standards for other year groups).

The new standards are significantly higher than the level system used across all schools in previous years. These standards were trialled in 2015/16 and have been reviewed following the 2016 and 2017 Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 tests.

Below are links to the folders for each year group. When the folder opens, right click and download into Word.

Year 1 standards

Year 2 standards

Year 3 Standards

Year 4 Standards

Year 5 Standards

Year 6 Standards

Supporting other schools

We are committed to supporting education and should any school wish to use these standards please do so. All we ask is that you contact us to let us know that you have used it by sending us an email. If you have any comments for improvements please also let us know. If you would like to use a excel file to track progress please contact us by this email and we will send you the file for free.