Home Learning

All the staff at Tilian understand the anxieties and pressures on parents and families at this time. We also understand that the vast majority of you are not teachers, however we believe together we can ensure children continue to develop and learn. This page is dedicated to ideas and activities which we believe are easy for families to do together and not put additional pressures on finances and/or time as we appreciate many of you are trying to work from home as well as keep children entertained.

All Tilian schools implement a framework for independence. This is to ensure children have the necessary life skills as well as achieve academically. Key to this is the notion of independence so many of the suggested activities can be tackled without your support leaving you to get on with your work or household priorities.

Children benefit from structure and routines however we are not advocating every moment of every day is filled with focused things to do. Your children will need down time and also be encouraged to initiate their own activity to occupy their minds.

Why not complete our daily challenge and share your achievements? This can be found on @TheTilian on Twitter.

Take advantage of others sharing their expertise.

This is just one example there are many others which can be found on Twitter or Facebook

Click the picture above to select a place to visit.

Have a virtual family visit to an art gallery or museum.

Discuss the pictures asking questions like;

Which was favourite and why?

What do you think is happening in the picture?

Do all pictures by the same artist look the same? What is different/similar?

Click the picture to see the animals

Challenge your child to build something new each day. If you don't have Lego any building kit will do.

Try not to offer more than one challenge a day, get your child/children to review and improve their work.

Photos can be sent to our Twitter Page #TheTilian

Non-screen activities - from Pobble.pdf

Click on the picture for lots of other suggestions