A strong track record of success

Every Ofsted graded inspection has demonstrated that our schools have improved since joining the Trust.

From Inadequate to Good

In February 2017 Ixworth CE Primary School was rated as Inadequate by Ofsted. Due to sickness of the Headteacher the MAT was asked to fill the leadership from September until conversion. The Headteacher role was shared by the CEO and CIO and this enabled us to identify the priorities for action. Immediately we changed processes and structures to ensure that all staff understood the role in the culture of safeguarding. We then began the work of improving teaching and learning by identifying the strengths within the school and where further support and training was required.

We had a very clear understanding of the needs of the school and by the end of December we had appointed an excellent headteacher, Mrs Allsopp, with the vision and drive to bring about significant change.

When Mrs Allsopp joined after Easter 2018, there was much work to do to create an effective staff team and ultimately this led to some members of staff deciding that the new Ixworth CE Primary was not the place for them. Staff changes invariably lead to parents moving children but Mrs Allsopp continued on the path which she knew was right for the pupils, supported and mentored by the CIO.

The Trust has continued to support, challenge and advise in various ways, especially during the difficult months of COVID, but the school was clearly a very effective education setting and the staff team were cohesive and, as dedicated professionals, improvd teaching, learning and behaviour for learning.

It is gratifying to see that inspectors agreed with us about the school being a Good provider.

But the Ofsted report was just a step on the way. Mrs Allsopp and her team will be focusing on moving the school ever forward and the Trust will be there to support her in all ventures.