What Our Staff Say

Staff comments page for website.pdf

We asked staff to give a score on our Tilian behaviours statements. (1=disagree strongly, 10=agree strongly)

It was clear that our behaviours have been adopted and are very visible in the work of our staff

We asked staff to give a score out of 10 to comments linked to communication and teamwork. (1=disagree strongly, 10=agree strongly)

Responses were very poitive in general although some did feel that morning briefings in some schools were not as useful as they could be.

We asked staff to give a score out of 5 to a range of wellbeing questions taken from the HSE stress toolkit. Here are the averages per job role for these questions. (1=not at all, 5 = yes very much)

Although all groups responding with high scores to the communication in their school, some teaching assistants felt that they sometimes missed out on communications due to the fact they didn't attend all staff meetings. Schools were asked to consider how to improve this communication eg by inviting TAs to all staff meetings or by another communication means.