To Inspire to Achieve and Aspire to Excel we work:

Through Autonomy

With Integrity

In Partnership


In the very best interests of the pupils we serve, school leaders are trusted to take decisions in the knowledge that these will be supported with the acceptance of responsibility by everyone.


In the very best interests of the pupils we serve, we are honest and open in the acceptance of our strengths and our challenges, aspiring to excel by exploring opportunities, communicating with clarity and being solution focused


In the very best interests of the pupils we serve, we inspire each other, connecting and collaborating; respecting and challenging at all levels within and beyond the trust to achieve an integrated education system for all Suffolk children.

We asked our schools what "Autonomy, Integrity and Partnership" meant for them as part of Tilian.

Because of our values we have developed an ethos of how all Tilian employees work together. 

We are Tilian and we work so everyone has a sense of belonging, feels empowered and has pride in the difference we make together. Therefore we: 

We are in the pursuit of excellence, leaving no-one behind

Christian Vision

The Tilian Trustees and governors carry out their duties in accordance with the principles, practices and tenets of the Church of England, recognising that they serve the local community, those of the Christian faith, other faiths and no faith. 

We are proud to be a Multi-Academy Trust with a Christian base. Being part of the Christian family in Suffolk supports us and our schools in our work. Because of this we wanted to construct and share our Christian Vision as a MAT. 

Our vision is rooted in the parable of the Good Samaritan and is centred around the Christian Values of:

Our vision guides us in our work and determines why we work in the way we do. Our Church schools are expected to have their own Christian Vision but non-church schools are not. 

Respect is the driver for autonomy. We respect the skills, knowledge and values of the local Heads and governors. We challenge and support but we trust them to make the right decisions for their pupils.

Courage underpins our pillar of integrity. We have the courage to make difficult decisions and take challenging actions when these are in the best interests of our pupils.

Compassion underpins our partnership pillar. We work together as partners, listening to the views of all stakeholders, in a culture focused on improvement and not blame, supporting the well-being of all.