Tilian - A strong track record of success

Every Ofsted inspection has demonstrated that our schools have improved since joining the Trust.

Rougham Celebrates Excellent Ofsted

Rougham has finally received the recognition it deserves! After a truly appalling inspection two years ago staff, governors and pupils have demonstrated outstanding practice in Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development and Early Years Provision and the school narrowly missed an overall outstanding grading, with only one minor area for development. 

Bardwell's refreshed Christian vision accurately captures the ethos of the school. It makes significant links with, and a contribution to, the community it serves. The associated values, including resilience, courage and aspiration are known by pupils and adults as 'cogs'. These are longstanding, understood, and entrenched in school life.  Committed staff promote many chances for all to 'grow together' and 'reach for the sky'. They provide a stimulating learning environment where individuals, from their unique starting points, can achieve their best. This means pupils are confident, inquisitive and enjoy their learning. They actively participate in the extensive opportunities provided. Guided by the vision, leaders, including governors, provide clear direction. Governors are very active in the life of the school, giving well-considered support and guidance, with the welfare of all at the centre of decision making. As a result of this, every choice the school makes reflects the needs of the pupils and adults.

Bardwell SIAMS

The SIAMS inspection of Bardwell took place on 21st May 2024 and demonstrated how wonderful the school is. Here are some of the Inpsector's comments:

Gislingham Ofsted

Inspectors were particularly impressed by the behaviour and attitudes of pupils. Some of the wonderful comments by the inspectors include:

This is a very positive report for the school. Well done to Mr Benstock and the staff team for demonstrating how good the school is.

Building an Inclusive SEND Strategy for The Tilian Partnership

At The Tilian Partnership, we believe in the power of collaboration to create a robust and effective SEND strategy for our Trust. Our vision and values centre around inclusivity, high-quality education, and empowering every individual to reach their full potential.

 Key Points:

Wilby Church of England Primary School joined us on 1st December

Joining Tilian and becoming part of a tight-knit network has meant that support is never far away, whether that be from other like-minded schools or the Trust’s central school Improvement services.

The dedicated School Improvement team, who have a wealth of experience, have worked directly with and supported the headteacher and staff, providing high-quality and individualised training and support.                                                                                                                                                           

The Trust models excellence, so that we are supported to challenge good current practice and aspire for outstanding provision.

A common misconception about becoming a Multi-Academy Trust member is the fear that you will lose autonomy over your school. This is certainly not our experience of joining Tilian. While the Trust offer operational guidance and advice, we will still maintain the integrity and independence of our school—we feel that our unique identity is highly valued and encouraged.

Against a rapidly changing educational background, where bespoke and sustained support is increasingly difficult to procure, it’s such a relief to feel that we are no longer alone. Being part of Tilian we now feel protected and strengthened and even more excited for the future. 

Roisin Wiseman, Headteacher

Orford Church of England Primary School joined us on 1st December

We welcome the staff, pupils and families of Orford to Tilian. Orford is an amazing school, offering so much to its children as recognised in its recent inspection by Ofsted.

Following a third unsuccessful collaboration in 10 years, the governors of Orford CEVA Primary were keen to remain as a stand-alone primary longer term, retaining our unique character, but with the support of something “bigger” i.e. a MAT.

Our parents are very proud of what Orford has to offer its pupils and value the bespoke curriculum in particular. Tilian offered us all of the benefits of being in a MAT (collaboration, support, CPD, partnerships, shared resources etc.) whilst allowing us to continue delivering all that we do. Tilian have expressed no ambition to become large and corporate, which the governors were keen to avoid.

Tilian’s Christian ethos aligned with ours but - more importantly - it’s values of autonomy, integrity and partnership fulfilled the above wish. Upon meeting the CEO and the wider team, their positive and supportive approach to school improvement meant the choice was unanimous. Tilian offered useful and impactful up-front advice, support and shared practice before joining which aided the whole school’s improvement, and reinforced our thinking that this was the correct choice for us. As a new head leading a school with an impending OFSTED inspection, knowing that one of the team was at the end of the phone with reassurance, practical advice and solutions which can be easily implemented in a small school was invaluable.

Gemma Cannon - Headteacher

Nestle Executives stunned by Gislingham pupils

As part of their work on Farm Schools, Year 5 pupils at Gislingham presented their projects on sustainability in food cereals to top executives from Nestle. 

The children spoke with great skill, knowledge and conviction. The impact on the audience was significant moving from great joy and laughter to a few tears. 

Performance in Key Stage 2 SATs

This year 63% of our pupils achieved the expected standard, or higher, in Reading, Writing and Maths. This is 4% above the national average.

In Reading 82% of our pupils achieved the expected standard which is 9% above the national average. 40% achieved the higher standard (greater depth) - a massive 15% above national.